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Our Daily Shows are usually uploaded by Noon ET in the USA when breaking news happens will will do an additional show. There is also a direct link on the top menu.

The Daily Show

GalleyTalk & Interviews is where you will find the exclusive interviews that are only available here, these are not downloadable or to be reproduced and posted elsewhere, they are exclusive for members only, this section will continue to expand as more interviews are added, they won’t be made public for at least one year from date of posting, if they are ever made public.

Galley Talk & Interviews

Rebekah and Ramjet try as often as their schedules will allow to blog a few paragraphs here.

R & R Writings

The Crew Lounge Chat Room is from Chatango, you can post using an ID by creating a profile, once you type something in the white message area a box will pop up to create an ID or post anonymously there you can either LOGIN or Register for your ID on the chat. It is up to you, you can post without an ID, just check that box when it pops up.

Crew Lounge Chat

A place to ask questions and discuss with others, PLEASE NO FLAT EARTH theory, this is NOT the place for that, you are not going to discredit me, my work, my research or those that lost their lives on 9/11 by bringing that total nonsense here, THIS is NOT the place for that Psy-op.

The Hangar (Forum)

This is a photo gallery of personal photos and jokes, the pages will grow. IF you have taken a photo of yourself with the books or your car with the license plate frame or window sticker and send it to me via email, I will post it here.

Roth Shots Gallery

Have a question, a comment or some information to share, hit the contact button and let me have it!

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