By registering as a member you will be privileged to poke your head behind the galley curtain and participate in what Rebekah and Ramjet are doing while in flight,  Some of what you will enjoy will be:

Daily News Update.  Every morning Rebekah and RamJet will bring you their take on news items that are important.  You will be able to listen and periodically view them banter back and forth in their classic and at times irreverent style.  Daily news will never be the same when you are a member.


Interviews with Guests.  Rebekah has contacts all over the world who are experts in areas that never quite seem to make it to the main stream, yet are vital to the world and its well being.  Unlike her free weekly show which focuses on her opinion, this forum will allow you to fly under the radar and experience the kind of intelligence that helps Rebekah form her opinions.

The “Crew Lounge” Chat Room.  Membership allows you to enter the crew lounge chat room and enjoy the company of Rebekah and Ramjet as well as other participants.  You never know what interesting topics will be discussed and it is guaranteed to always be troll free.

Direct and Personal contact.   Rebekah receives a lot of email every day which requires her to employ filters to save time and avoid some of the nonsense.  You, however, will be provided with her top priority inbox to ask her questions and present her with information.

Flight Attendant Chatter.  As you can imagine, Rebekah has a lot of friends who were or still are flight attendants.  Their conversations are priceless and can be extremely entertaining.  You will be invited to listen in to what they have to say and realize why galleys need curtains.


The Forum.  Much of Rebekah’s research is topic oriented and has generated lots of questions as well as answers.  The Forum will encourage you tol engage in topics that interest you and allow you to make friends with like minded individuals who share your intellectual pursuits.

Regular Features.  Several of Rebekah’s interview guests will be invited to participate with her on a regular basis.  You won’t want to miss the exciting and enlightening things they will have to share in their special interviews available only to members.

Blogs.  When Rebekah and RamJet are not talking they are often found writing and their thoughts on topics current and historical are always insightful.  They have a way of zeroing in on the truth and you will find out what they are thinking through access to their blogs.

Online Store Discounts.  All members will receive a 15% discount that they can apply to all purchases in the online store.



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